About Us

Leaflet in Kent is a company that has 10 years of success behind itself and since the very beginning we have always been doing our best for our customers and trying never to disappoint them no matter what this might cost us. It took some time for us but we managed to gather professionals in our company that are the very best in their field and devoted to our business. They know everything about the leaflet distribution business and for design and print services as well. At the beginning we dealt only with door-to-door delivery and with the years we learned how to be competitive and offer a wide range of services. We also offer you hand-to-hand distribution already and just to finish our full service to you we can give all: Leaflet Design, Leaflet Print and Leaflet Distribution.

Honesty, simplicity and accountability are our most distinctive values that make us differ from others in our industry. What we are proud of is that we do our business with our own adult distributors and our own vans. This makes us totally independent and in full control of our business. We are always open to new technology and new inventions and try to implement them in our business. The result of this is that we use modern GPS tracking devices that our distributors and vans are equipped with and our website has a special application that can show the exact number of households in a certain post code area. When we add our promise of money back guarantee and highly qualified and professional staff to our service package you can be absolutely sure that your business with us will leave you totally satisfied.

Price is the money that we spend on certain product or service but it is also the value that we give for someone`s efforts, hard work and creativeness. We at Leaflet in Kent can give you excellent quality of our services but still on one of the most competitive prices on the market. With us you will find the perfect balance between quality and price that will fit best your needs and expectations. You will also receive a money back guarantee from us just to make you sure you will get a hundred percent risk free door-to-door delivery campaign with us. In case we don`t deliver your items as you have been expected we will be giving the money back to you. Your investments and their effectiveness are important for us too and we don`t want to lose your hard earned money.

Door-to-door delivery of direct marketing materials is what we can do in the best possible way for you but this is not the only service that we offer. You can already leave everything of your leaflet distribution campaign to us as we now offer design and print services as well. This means that after you have decided to popularize your company through leaflet distribution campaigns you just need to get in touch with us and relax, we`ll do the rest. Each of you is unique and have unique requirements and features but we are here for you to listen and understand your needs and give the best of us just to make you satisfied.

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