Direct marketing distribution campaigns characterize with few stages and the first thing you have to do is to design your flyer, leaflet, brochure etc. This is the first stage of the whole campaign and the beginning that you are going to make may make a real difference of the other stages of the whole distribution process. In other words choosing the right design for your flyer or leaflet may put your campaign on a different level. You just have at this moment to be focused, creative and imaginative. For some of you this may seem quite hard to be done but in fact it could be a process that you will do with pleasure. Now you should free your imagination and give the uniqueness of your message you`ve always wanted. It is too difficult? Our designers don` think so! Our team of designers use the last software innovations on the market for graphic design programs that gives them limitless possibilities in creating the unbelievable design for you. You just have to give us a piece of your inspiration that made you started your business and put all your energy and heart into it. This will help us make the design that will represent you best as a company and person. You can simply send us a few pictures, some texts that mean a lot for you or share with us some quotes that have inspired you. You will be aware of each stage of your design making process and all corrections will be discussed with you. The final product should be simply something that your target audience will pay attention to and your brand name to be remembered.

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