Distribution of flyers and leaflets could be a process that doesn`t need any quite special qualities as the door-to-door one or on the contrary it could be one that requires quite specific skills and attitude and this is the hand-to-hand distribution. In the hand-to-hand delivery we meet the receiver of your message face to face and how we deliver it is very important. The distributors that work for us are trained in a proper way and specially instructed so to be able to make an unforgettable delivery for you in every part of Kent. We will spent some time to get all the information about your business, strategy and philosophy that we need so to prepare best for your hand to hand delivery campaign with us. This means that we`ll choose an action plan that will be most proper for you. Our distributors will be individually prepared regarding this plan and will know exactly how to behave while delivering your message to one man and another. For some time we become the face of your company and we absolutely realize that this is very responsible and should be done with real professionalism. We know what individual approach your potential customers need and we will just grab their attention. Communication and manners are very important when delivering hand to hand and we always make ourselves sure our distributors are just ready enough.

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