The designers have finished excellently their job, you are more than satisfied and it is time for the next step. This is the process of print. The printing companies on the market are just so many and offering you so many different options but you are just not sure about it. Our specialists on printing are always ready to give you all specific advices that you need and arrange everything for you through the whole printing process. So don`t worry about it any more and just call us. From the very beginning till the very end we can do everything needed for your print so you just have to leave it to us and relax. In order your leaflet or flyer to be mentioned and make a good impression other than just the next junk mail everything in your campaign should be well considered. The paper quality of your leaflet really matters and could play a huge role in the whole process of distribution. Printing paper has a variety of features that we can tell you about and help you make the right choice. We at Leaflet in Kent can give you our support and assistance in the whole printing process and with us you can receive the following: Prices for print that will best fit your budget. Help you select the paper that shall make your flyer or leaflet long remembered. All advices and support about printing will be given absolutely free to you in a fair and professional way. Printing may seem quite easy and insignificant to you but all the kinds of papers with many different features may actually rather hinder you in making the right choice. The whole impression of your direct marketing material could be fortified by the quality of your paper. Paper features like density, gloss, thickness could change everything. We can answer to every query that you have about printing and give just the help you need.

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