Using leaflets and flyers for advertising can give you some very strong benefits that can only prove you how efficient can leafleting be. It can give you the opportunity to give your message to your audience with just the right information on your leaflet combined with a unique design. With a single flyer you can give your audience just exactly what they need to know and combined with an exceptional design the impression on your audience could be extremely powerful. This may make your brand name long remembered and popularized. Although modern world can give you many and many ways of advertising and direct marketing solutions you certainly should not underestimate leafleting and all the opportunities it can suggest to you. The benefits of direct marketing campaigns with flyers or leaflets are not just a few, you should just try it.

Most books explain the name of the town as a combination of the words ceto plus Old English ham, which means a forest settlement. When talking about culture, Chatham is the birth place of several movements in literature, art and music. One of the most remarkable landmarks of the town is Chatham Naval Memorial dedicated to the 18500 officers of the Royal Navy who were lost at sea during the two world wars. Famous writer Charles Dickens lived in the town as a child and describes this period of his childhood as the happiest. Later as adult he returned to the area and bought a house in Gad's Hill which is nearby. With its population of 70500 inhabitants Chatham is a good target for your next leaflet or flyer distribution campaign.

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