Herne Bay

In order to get a successful door-to-door leaflet distribution campaign you should have a strategic thinking and flexibility. You should place your distribution in an area that will fit you best regarding its inhabitants so to get best possible results. The best thing you can do is to try to find as much as you can and accurate information about the area that you have chosen for distribution of flyers or leaflets. This includes information about the features of the houses, mansions, flats in your area and the people that live in them. The better you are prepared for your leaflet distribution campaign the better results you'll get. We at Leaflet in Kent can help you in making the right choice for your leaflet distribution campaign in Herne Bay in every stage of the process.

In Herne Bay was built the first freestanding purpose-built Clock Tower in 1837. During the early 19-th century the town was quite famous as a resort town due to some significant investments into the town from London investors. The peak of that was in the late Victorian era. Due to regular flooding the Herne Bay had some problems in the past but with the building of a sea defence jetty in the 1990s the town faces a significant redevelopment. Due to the location of Herne Bay by the seaside and its picturesque appearance it has often been used in TV programmes and films. The town appears in BBC comedies Cockles and Little Britain and CBBC's The Tweenies. There are at about 14700 households in Herne Bay and each one of them can be delivered with your flyer or leaflet by us.

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