After we experienced success in the leaflet distribution business we decided not to stop there and to expand our business. We know that most people are looking for a full service which means that the company they are going to choose can offer them several services that are connected to each other and this is exactly what they need. Leaflet in Kent can already offer you design, print and distribution services so you have nothing to worry about. We just know our services from front-to-back and face every problem that we might have in our work with assertiveness and readiness. We learned how to perceive things positively and wherever there is a problem we'll find the solution for you. Very quickly you'll find out the pleasure of working with us and will be more than satisfied.

Saxon charters (c975) show the first known information of the town's name, de maeides stana and maegdan stane, which most likely meaning stone of the maidens or stone of the people. The town is ranked in the top five shopping centres in the south east of England and in regards with retail floor space, in the top 50 in the UK. The main industries that are developed mostly in the town changed in recent years from heavy industry to light industry and services. Writer Jack London mentioned the town in his book 'The People of the Abyss' after his visiting in Maidstone in 1903. All Saints' Church, built in 1395, is one of the landmark buildings in the area and also one of the widest and largest churches in whole England. Maidstone has a population of 113000 inhabitants and is 32 miles away from London.

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