Information is a very strong weapon nowadays and if you use it properly and strategically you could achieve a lot. We live in times when having the right information can open new doors to success for you and lead you to the next level of development of your company. When talking about advertising it is best for you to get as much information as you can about the different ways of advertising and choose which one would be the most appropriate for you. Perhaps leafleting is the best choice for you. You can give a lot of information to your target audience with your flyer or leaflet and this can help you a lot. Also it is very important here what exact information you will include in your leaflet so to make people pay attention to it. The information could be as much as you want but on the same time it should be precise, concrete and objective.

There are evidences that Rochester has been occupied even in the far Neolithic period. Later over time here lived Celts, Romans and Saxons. For many centuries Rochester, because of its position, has been a centre of significant strategic importance. Rochester Castle, one of the emblematic buildings in the town, was built to guard the river crossing. Other important historic buildings are the Guildhall, Restoration House, Rochester Cathedral, Eastgate House and others. Each year in Rochester are being held two Dickens festivals in June and in December that are dedicated to Charles Dickens literature works. As a matter of fact Charles Dickens lived for many years in the nearby Gads Hill Place and many of his novels are taking place in the area. In the town live 27000 people according to 2001 census and it is 30 miles away from London.

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