Our company Leaflet in Kent do only solus leaflet or flyer distribution campaigns because we think this is most effective for you and your business. Just think about it. If your flyer or leaflet is distributed together with other four or five items the beneficiaries shall find a pile of leaflets next to the door when they enter their homes. Most likely all of them will go to the trash bin but if your leaflet is solus distributed the chance for it to grab the attention of your audience is quite bigger. As you can see to be able to meet the real benefits of the leaflet door-to-door distribution the best choice for you is solus distribution and this is not only our opinion. It may cost you a bit more but in regards of the final result that you might achieve it's worth your money.

Strood lies on the northwest bank of the River Medway and the history of the town was mainly dominated by the river. This is due to the many bridges and the road and rail links they carried. In the years between 1804 and 1824 the Thames and Medway canal was made to provide a safe route between the two rivers. In 1777 Joseph Collis started his business as an ironmonger and by 1865 he became a wholesaler specialised in iron, zinc, locksmithery and tinplate. Later he and his partner opened a foundry that manufactured structural ironwork, manhole covers and other products. With a population continuing to grow and because of the many commuters in the town certain developments are being made each year and the building of new houses is increasing.

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