Hand-to-hand distribution is another way of direct marketing distribution that is quite different from door-to-door distribution and can give you more opportunities to be creative. We know how to deliver your leaflets or flyers hand-to-hand in a way that will be individual and remarkable. We will simply select the best hand-to-hand distributors we think are most suitable for your campaign and instruct them how to deliver your items in the best possible way. Further to that you can share with us your ideas and vision of how you imagine our distributors handing out your leaflets and we shall listen to this very carefully. Together we shall make a bespoke plan for a hand-to-hand delivery and fascinate your potential customers. People will very soon start knowing your brand and recognize it among your competitors.

Today, Swanley is mainly a commuter and distribution centre, where live mostly people from lower-middle and working class. Before arriving of the railway in 1861 there were only a few houses in the town. Most likely the name derives from the Saxon 'Swine-ley' where 'swine' means simply pigs and 'Ley' meaning clearing in the woods. According to this theory there was probably a pig farm in the area or a place where pig traders stopped on their way to the markets in Kent. Afterwards Swanley became an important railway junction which helped the town significantly to develop. Each year a festival dedicated to classical music and also firework event called '1812 Night' is being held in Swanley on the Friday just before the August bank holiday. In 2001 the population of the town was more than 16000.

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