Tunbridge Wells

Leafleting can truly provoke you to be very creative and how you`ll use your imagination is very important. Of course we are talking here about the design, layout and message of your leaflet. It depends on you how interesting you will make your leaflet and how attention-grabbing it will be. The most important thing here is the audience that you are making your leaflet or flyer for. There are several things that you should get information about concerning your audience. This includes the average age of the people in your area, their gender, average annual income, interests etc. The more information you get the better vision you will have on your audience and this will help you make the proper design. We can help you by making the design for you that will fascinate your audience and make your door-to-door distribution campaign in Tunbridge Wells remarkable.

Tunbridge Wells was once very famous in the middle centuries for its mineral springs the water of which believed to be healing. In 2002 there were approximately 50000 people employed in the borough of the town most of which hired in restaurants, hotels and retail. The town is mentioned in several novels of famous novelists such as Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde and others. Some references can also be found in films- Lawrence of Arabia and James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The Salomons Museum in the town preserves the home of the first Jew that was Lord Mayor of London David Salomons. He was also the first Member of Parliament that was non-Christian. Tunbridge Wells has a population of 56500 inhabitants and is 33 miles south-east from London.

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