The impact of the leaflets over your potential customers could be quite significant. They display an instant message before your beneficiaries and with the proper design and paper selected the effect could be really remarkable. Your audience may be really impressed and interested with the services or products you offer if your leaflet is well designed and properly targeted. Direct marketing campaigns with leaflets and flyers could give you many benefits and really help you popularise your brand and increase your enquiries and sales. By choosing leafleting you can also save money and receive an exceptional Return On Investments that could compliment your budget and increase your profit in the same time. We could offer you all design, print and distribution services and with us the high quality of your door-to-door delivery campaign in Ashford will be remembered.

Ashford has been a market town since the 13th century, and a regular market continues to be held. According to archaeological studies there has been a Roman settlement around the town in the past. Dr John Wallis a very famous mathematician who was one of the tutors of Isaac Newton was born in Ashford in 1616 and later moved to Tenterden to avoid the plague. During the two world wars due to its important location between the continent and London Ashford was a target of aerial bombing. The town has been marked as a place for expansion since the 1960s and was included on several Government plans for growth. There have been made many redevelopments that affected the whole economy of the town and made it look better. Ashford is now an European communications centre, with new rail lines running between London and the Channel Tunnel.

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