We at Leaflet in Kent can help you not only with your next door-to-door leaflet distribution campaign in Dartford but you can also receive from us very valuable information that will help you define your whole distribution strategy. We use a specially designed software that can tell us the whole number of households in a certain area and we can tell you also information about the features of these households. This is very important info for the success of the whole campaign and we can give it to you totally free. It is also very essential to get as much information as you can about the people that live in your target area. Details such as sex, ethnicity and age are very important and you should analyse them well before starting a leaflet distribution campaign. Information here as in many other business situations is crucial and the more information you have the better decision you'll take.

According to archaeological investigations there has been found traces around Dartford that the first people have lived here 250000 years ago. People have lived here in all Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Later when the Romans constructed the Dover to London road it was necessary to cross the River Darent by ford, giving the settlement its name. In medieval times the town has been a market town and nowadays it is principally a commuter town for many people who work in Greater London. Dartford has also a long history being a town of industrial, cultural and religious importance. In the past the earliest industries that developed in the town were mainly connected with agriculture, one of which was brewing of traditional beers and ales.

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