Leaflet or flyer distribution campaigns are denied by many as a very old fashioned and outdated way of advertising. However this is not quite true! It is quite effective according to statistics and people could pay much more attention to your flyer or leaflet rather than to TV commercials or newspaper adverts. You are just eager to tell your potential customers about your product or service and perhaps you want to do this in a more personal and attractive manner. However as you cannot do this personally the best option for you is advertising and what we suggest you is leafleting. You can't advertise your product to each customer personally but you can spread your message on a piece of paper among local communities and people will know about your brand. We could be your right choice for your door-to-door delivery campaign in Deal just call us.

Near Deal could be the place where Julius Caesar first set on the British coast during the first Roman invasions into Britain. The name of the town derives from the Old English dael meaning 'valley'. In the early middle centuries the town was the busiest port in England but today it is mainly a seaside resort town. Back in the seventeenth century a naval storehouse was built providing for ships anchored nearby Deal. This storehouse grew faster and eventually covered a field of 5 acres. There was also a naval yard in the town where have been maintained mainly small boats. The yard operated till 1864. Deal has a population of approximately 30000 inhabitants and is 84 miles away from London.

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