It is very hard nowadays to start a business or expand one without advertising your company and make people know your brand. You just can't run away from this step of your business development if you want to become known among people and increase your sales. Marketing is simply part of the business life of every company on their way to gain bigger market share. So if you haven't thought of marketing solutions yet perhaps it is about time to do it now. Direct marketing campaigns with flyers and leaflets could be your best solution to popularise your brand and it is quite affordable as well. You could see the positive results of leafleting after your very first campaign and start a new positive stage of your company development. We at Leaflet in Kent can help you with your next leaflet distribution in Dover, just get in touch with us.

With its strategic position Dover has always been popular place through history. It has been main destination for people entering and leaving Britain. The name comes from the river Dour that is going through the town and it is very picturesque place with its famous white cliffs around the shore. Because of its location not far from France the town has been always of big strategic importance for Britain. During the Napoleonic Wars Dover was bastion against various French attacks and same was in World War II against Germans. Dover is situated near the narrowest place on the English Channel and this makes it a very busy port town. The English Channel which is narrowest just here around Dover is actually the busiest shipping lane in the world.

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