Budget is essential for every company and every penny spent matters. Good planning can lead you to the growth of your business and help you make all available resources on improving profits and reduce costs. Another important element is Return on Investments and its increase. When talking about advertising leafleting is one of the best choices that you might make concerning your budget and average rate of Return on Investments. There are many benefits that you might have on choosing leaflet or flyer distribution campaigns to promote your brand name and you simply should consider it very well as a potential choice. Having in mind the significant effect they might have and number of people that could be reached leaflets are relatively cheap. Moreover with your leaflet you could reach much more people than other ways of advertising could. We could be your right choice for your next flyer or leaflet delivery in Gillingham, just try us!

The name of Gillingham comes from Old English and means homestead of Gylla's family- ham /village, homestead/ and ingas /family, followers/. It is believed that it is named after the warlord Gyllingas- from the Old English gyllan, meaning 'to shout'. He was a well-known man in the history of Kent as he led his warriors into battle screaming and shouting. From medieval times to 1940s the whole area including Gillingham has been of great maritime importance for Great Britain. After World War I, a naval war memorial was built around the town in the shape of a white stone obelisk that can be spot for many miles. The local Chatham Dockyard was the main source of employment in the town and there has been significant unemployment after it was closed in 1984.

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