Leaflets and flyers are a cost-effective way to tell every resident in a household in your area about your brand and business and they can bring back powerful results. Your flyer or leaflet is actually a gift to your targeted audience and it is very important to give this gift showing your passion and love to what you are doing. These love and passion are actually the design and the look of your leaflet with which you should show your potential customers that you are the right choice for them. Leaflets and flyers may look in fact like small pieces of art that are designed to touch each resident of a household in the area that you'd like to cover with them. They are the best solution for start-ups that want to promote themselves and popularize their brand. They can be also a great way to announce special offers for any business with a local clientele.

Hythe has Medieval and Georgian buildings and Saxon church as well on the hill and a Victorian seafront promenade. The town was once defended by two castles, Saltwood and Lympne. According to Hasted, in 1293 a French fleet approached Hythe and 200 men landed on the shore. The local townsmen however came upon them and killed everyone after which the fleet made no further attempt. There is a church in the town located up the hill dated from 11th century which tower on its eastern end was destroyed by an earthquake in 1739 and later rebuilt in 1750. There is also a big ossuary in the church with 2000 skulls and 8000 thigh bones dated from the medieval centuries which were stored there to make place for new graves which was a common practice in England in the past.

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