Leaflet and flyer distribution business is with what we are proud of. This is with what we started our activity over a decade ago and never stopped learning and expanding it through the years. We simply love our business and did our best through the years to get to the level where we are today. You will love our attitude and the quality we can offer you. We know exactly what you need in order to be satisfied with our work and we will deliver it to you, you can be absolutely sure about that. Our hard work and professionalism helped us become the best distribution company in Kent and you can simply get in touch with us for your next door-to-door delivery of flyers or leaflets in Margate.

For more than 250 years Margate has been known as the major resort town for many residents in UK. The history of the town is mostly connected with the sea and it has a strong maritime tradition. The town attracts a lot of investments in the recent years and is being significantly redeveloped and modernised. Most of the working men and women in Margate are employed in retail, manufacturing and health and social work. The Theatre Royal in Margate was once a centre for teaching acting at the end of 19th century and it is accepted actually as the first drama school in Britain. A jazz festival takes place in the town each year and it is only one of the attractions that Margate can offer its tourists.

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