With our GPS tracking system you can be totally sure that your leaflet distribution campaign in Ramsgate is in good hands. We use very innovative and reliable GPS tracking devices that give us the safety and control in our business that are both for us and you. Invented at the late 1970s the Global Positioning System (GPS) developed very rapidly and is used in many devices nowadays as mobile phones, cars navigation systems, various web applications etc. Actually it is a very useful invention that can really be useful for you in your everyday life. It is just part of our new, modern and open to new technologies world. At the end of your campaign with us you will receive a GPS tracking map of the delivered areas of your order just to be sure that every household in your area is distributed correctly.

The famous artist Vincent Van Gogh moved to Ramsgate in the year 1876 at the age of 23 and worked as a teacher there in a local school. Situated on the sea shore Ramsgate's main industries are tourism and fishing. The building Ramsgate Harbour continued more than 100 years, it was started in 1749 and finished in 1850. During the World War I the town was bombarded by Zeppelin airships. The nearby aerodrome played a significant role in the defence of Britain in Second World War. It was just before the World War II when the local Council decided to build a network of tunnels that provided shelter for approximately 60000 people. These tunnels were opened in 1939 and part of them are open to visitors nowadays. The main attraction of the town is its coastline with fine sands that attract many tourists each year.

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