It is very hard to decide sometimes what would be best for your company regarding advertising of your brand and popularizing it. You want to receive a maximum result out of your campaign and just don`t want to spend your money on something that is not effective. Leafleting could be the best choice for you and may bring you a very high ROI percentage. The rules in leafleting are simple, the more people you reach with your flyer or leaflet the bigger chance to receive a call or an enquiry on your product or service. You have our promise that your leaflet will reach the last household of your chosen distribution area. We at Leaflet in Kent can help you and do everything about your flyer or leaflet distribution campaign in Sittingbourne.

Sittingbourne is situated in North Kent and the whole region is very rich in chalk which is in abundance that is not met all over Europe. The local clay was also very suitable for making bricks and all this developed associated industries: water transport, bricks making, paper and cement. As a matter of fact these industries are still very well developed in the area. The town is also a very important transport centre as it is situated in the midway between the important port of Dover and London. During ancient times there is evidence that there has been a settlement around Sittingbourne at about 2000 BC with Celtic tribes living around it. Later during Roman invasion the Romans built a road for quicker connection between London and Dover and one of the streets of Sittingbourne nowadays is actually part of that road.

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