Our company Leaflet in Kent is a company that is always loyal to its customers and offering best possible solutions for them. We shall listen carefully and with great patience to your needs and concerns and explain you everything about leaflet distribution business. If you have been confused or frustrated in trying to find the right way to popularise your business, we'll change that. We develop ourselves and customer service with each day and taking every opportunity to become better. We just like to implement innovations and new extras in our business that we know will facilitate your business with us and make it a real pleasure. One of these extras is money back guarantee which means that we will return your money in case we fail to deliver your items in the best possible way.

Since medieval times Tonbridge has remained a significant market town that is still connected with its main economy. An interesting fact about Tonbridge is that in Tudeley which is near the town you can find the All Saints church which windows are all stained-glass created by Marc Chagall. The project started in the early 1960s and was finished in 1985 when the last window of the medieval building was finished. The name of the town is probably a contraction meaning 'town of bridges' connected with the large number of bridges in the town. Nowadays very well developed are light engineering, printing and publishing, distribution and financial services. The town has a population of at about 30000 people and could be the perfect place for your next leaflet door-to-door distribution in Kent.

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